In 1969, Valley Illuminators developed and patented a new, solution for airport runway marking. This low-cost system uses no power. It requires little or no maintenance. And it requires less than five minutes to assemble and install. Most important, it is highly visible to ground crews and approaching aircraft, both day and night.
Since its introduction the Valley AR-100 retroreflective airport marker has become the standard for marking runways, taxiways, thresholds, obstructions and ramp edges.

Designed for excellence

The AR-100 was designed to cost less, work better, and last longer than any other airport marker. Today, its success is proven by thousands of installations in municipal, state, military, and private airports all over the world.

Constructed of rugged enameled aluminum, the AR-100 uses 3M sheeting that lights up with incredible intensity. The AR-100 weathervanes to withstand high winds and jet wash. (In fact, it withstood winds in excess of 300 MPH in tests at the NAFEC wind tunnel.) And this rugged practical unit is available in all standard colors.

A commitment to innovation

The AR-100 is only one of Valley Illuminators’ quality products. Over the years we have responded to customers with innovative solutions for both lighted and non-lighted marking applications. Each is designed to be low-cost and long lasting. All are built to withstand the harshest conditions, year after year. Valley Illuminators has built its reputation on a special blend of product quality and personal service. We are proud that more and more airport managers call on us for proven, cost-effective solutions to airport lighting and marking. We are continually developing products that help you meet increasingly stringent safety standards, while at the same time, reducing costs.


The approximate size of the cylindrical markers is 5 1/4" in diameter, 12" height; they are pre-rolled and ready to assemble.

All hardware included:

  • 7/8" Aluminum Tube and Insert Plugs/Caps

  • Stainless Steel Nuts, bolts and washers

  • Flange Bushing

  • The aluminum tube can be cut any length to meet FAA specs. of 14" to 30" above ground.

  • Installation tool for installing base pipe not standard but available.

GP-100 14" x 1" I.D. galvanized base pipe sold separately. You can buy the base pipe from us or purchase it locally and save on shipping costs. Standard shipment consists of 2 assembled and 23 ready-to-assemble units per box. We ship UPS or other ground/air transportation providers.